Florida Mortgage Loans


Florida mortgage programs are available for qualified home buyers. A pre-qualification letter enables a buyer to proceed toward a Florida home loan with confidence. Prior to applying for a home loan, a buyer may speak with a local financing expert about a variety of mortgage options.

Completing a Mortgage Loan Application

To get an overview of a borrower’s financial condition, mortgage lenders need to check specific qualifying factors. Before making a decision to approve or deny a loan application, an underwriter will screen a borrower’s yearly earnings, financial assets, employment history and credit history. A mortgage loan application should take less than 30 minutes to complete.

Credit Check

After an application is submitted for a home loan in Florida, a mortgage lender will conduct a credit check. A thorough evaluation of a borrower’s consumer credit profile is reviewed to determine whether other obligations are paid as agreed. During the credit review process, a Florida mortgage expert will check the borrower’s credit score too. A three-digit number is generated to rate a borrower’s credit strength.

Finding a Mortgage for Florida Homes

Beautiful Florida homes may be located with the assistance of BuyFloridaRealty.com. Sales representatives who are knowledgeable about the Florida area can search for single-family homes, condos and other property types. Finding a mortgage may be difficult for buyers who are uncomfortable around bankers. However, many clients from BuyFloridaRealty.com have received stellar services from First Nationwide Lending, our preferred local mortgage company.


Getting pre-qualified for a home loan is the first step that a buyer should complete. Pre-qualified home buyers will receive a letter that reflects their maximum financing amount for a Florida home loan. For more information about financing a home, contact First Nationwide Lending to determine the amount of money that is required for a down payment or to get the payment details for a Florida mortgage.

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